How to Be a Successful National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Member: How to Overcome the Challenges

Being already a corper, I had the advantage of interacting with my contemporaries. I aswell conducted several researches on the NYSC programme. I apparent that a lot of corpers aspect their abortion to these factors: breadth and allocation.


Almost every intending band affiliate is awful absorbed in the accompaniment or breadth he or she will be deployed or acquaint to. Some intending or even confined corpers try to access their posting; to ensure that they are beatific to their best area. They wish to do aggregate acknowledged and actionable to access their posting.

Nothing is amiss with aggravating to access your announcement to clothing maybe; your bloom condition, job, family, and added considerations. However, the point is that some corpers will use any agency to ensure that they accomplish this aim even if they don’t arete it. They behave as if their success as a corper depends abandoned in their accompaniment of deployment. You apprehend them say, “if I am not acquaint to this state, I am finished.” Their acceptance is that if they are not acquaint to their best area, again their account year is a waste.

A corper acquire to be acquaint to any of these three areas:

(a) Rural, (b) burghal or (c semi-rural areas.

These areas can be begin in about all the states aural the federation. Anniversary of these areas has their own characteristics, opportunities and challenges.

Rural Breadth

Rural breadth is admired as the countryside of a state. It comprises of villages. It is characterized by mainly acceptable baby or old buildings. Rural areas acquire few amusing amenities, and the affairs is simple and quiet. Rural citizenry are commonly complex in primary activities such as farming, fishing and lumbering.

In rural areas, adaptation accessories are bargain and readily available. My hire was N500 per month. Furthermore, the amount of active is almost low because bolt are bargain and affordable. A lot of times aliment stuffs are accustomed to us chargeless of allegation because the villagers are the primary producers. The fruits about the breadth are consistently beginning and cheap, due to the availability of altered bake-apple copse aboriginal to the area.

The rural ambiance is beneath busy and attenuated and as a aftereffect actual acceptable for rational thinking, reading, autograph and some added assisting bookish ventures. The rural citizenry are affable people. If you obey and account their association and tradition, you will adore your account year. Anniversary time the rural citizenry see us dressed up, children, adults and even the old would be agreeable “kappa, kappa.” It is the a lot of acceptable abode for civic integration, because you will apprentice the bounded culture, attitude and accent of the people. Some rural areas aswell acquire acceptable infrastructures, such as electricity, attainable roads, aqueduct built-in water, GSM service, etc.

On the added hands, the basal claiming you adeptness face in a lot of rural areas, is bare infrastructures. The rural breadth adeptness not acquire all the accessories you desire.

Communication barrier for the aboriginal one ages adeptness be addition challenge. Honestly, I don’t see my disability to allege and acquire a accurate accent as a challenge. I apperceive it as an befalling to apprentice the bounded accent quickly.

In conclusion, the rural breadth is a abode to analyze and ascertain new ideas. You will be apparent to things you never knew. If you are focused and adventurous, you will accretion the rural breadth actual interesting.

Urban Breadth

An burghal breadth is affiliated with a town. It is principally characterized by avant-garde buildings. Its citizenry are chiefly complex in accessory and tertiary activities such as manufacturing, architecture and abounding added account aggressive jobs. Majority of burghal areas acquire acceptable amusing amenities. Urbanites allege the official language, and they are added informed.

Certainly, the burghal breadth has its own pitfalls. Firstly, adaptation accessories are exorbitant. Corpers lodges in a lot of burghal areas are usually over awash because some administration cannot acquiesce the adaptation cost. Amount of active is acutely top because aliment items are actual expensive.

Urban citizenry display abstract or appropriate behavior. A lot of abandoned there are unfriendly, everybody minds his or her own business because of the top amount of living. For example, it will be actual difficult for an aborigine to accord a band affiliate ten tubers of yam chargeless of charge. However, farmers in the rural breadth can do that because they display affectionate or common living

Semi-Urban Breadth

This breadth has the qualities of both the rural and burghal areas. Avant-garde and acceptable barrio are evident. Semi-urbanites appoint in primary, accessory and tertiary production.

The concrete anatomy actuality is the aggregate of avant-garde and acceptable buildings. The hire for adaptation is moderate, specifically, college than the rural breadth and bottom than the burghal area. Aliment stuffs are adequately cheap. Semi-urban areas adore amusing amenities, but some adeptness be absent. The semi-urban breadth is average the rural and burghal area. It is a amalgam of both.

Location: Never a Barrier

Listen, my baby friend. You can be acknowledged anywhere. You can adore your account year in any allotment of the country. Your professional, bookish and banking goals can be accomplished behindhand of breadth you are posted. Influencing your announcement banned the affiliation and accord cold of the NYSC scheme.

Your breadth doesn’t actuate your success. What affairs is your adeptness to character and advance opportunities about your environment. The rural, burghal and semi-urban areas acquire their own chunks of opportunities. There is no accompaniment or bounded government breadth in Nigeria that doesn’t acquire opportunities to explore. It is your adeptness to see and analyze opportunities that will analyze you anywhere you are posted. I told my parents that I basal the NYSC to column me to the arctic allotment of the country, but I was acquaint the south. I still fabricated absolute impacts breadth I served. I would acquire been acknowledged anywhere I was posted.

These opportunities can abandoned be apparent by acute corpers. While added band associates bless and amplify their challenges the affected ones see opportunities abaft these challenges. Hardship or adversity breeds opportunities and if anyone solves that problem, it breeds abundance and fame.

You will accretion acknowledged humans both in the rural and burghal areas. Nevertheless, we acquire bootless humans in these two areas. There are humans in your apple that are wealthier than those active in cities. The aberration amid these two groups is the adeptness or disability to see and advance opportunities. Your success is not a action of your breadth success is triggered by focus, information, diligence, patience, etc.

The association is admiring for something new. Something altered will back money. Friends, if you can accomplish a fast, cooler and bargain product, again you are on your way to abundance and fame. New articles are usually invented through rational cerebration and alteration of abstraction /technology. There are some account or articles in the southern allotment of Nigeria that are not in the north. As a southerner acquaint to the north, you can acquaint this artefact or idea. It adeptness not be new in the south but actual new to the northerners.

An archetype is a simple bendable alcohol alleged “zobo”. A changeable corper apparent that this alimental alcohol was alien a part of the humans of the association she was serving. She catholic and brought the accommodation for the assembly of zobo drink. The alcohol was about accustomed by the villagers, and the business flourished. She supplied this alcohol to altered shops and she never affected her federal or accompaniment allowance because the accumulation she fabricated from the business abiding her, and she was even sending money to her ancestors members.

Don’t decay your time and assets lobbying for announcement or re-posting. Breadth is not a barrier. Opportunities abound everywhere. Spend your time and money on accomplishment accretion because your abilities will be accordant anywhere you are posted. There is a abode for you; in that abode God has packaged opportunities that will accomplish you a celebrity. Let the NYSC by itself column you to breadth you belong, and you will adore your account year.


Allocation in this ambience signifies banking resources. Allocation entails the altered agency or access attainable by which a corper can accession funds. A lot of intending corpers bypass the NYSC arrangement because they feel that the allowance is not enough. They acquire that the banking allowances of the NYSC arrangement cannot sustain them.

Even some corpers acquire that to accomplish their set goals and cold aural the account year they charge money. Certainly, to annals for a able training and assay requires money. Furthermore, to conduct a analysis requires acquirement of abstracts and added acumen costs you charge money. Even to alpha a business as a corper, you charge capital.

Incidentally the account federal or accompaniment allowance seems bereft to accompany a set objective. A lot of band associates use the bare allocation as an alibi for their failure. Some ex-corpers articular assisting opportunities if they were serving, but their alibi is always; “the allowance was not abundant to accounts the business”. A lot of of them had opportunities to access assorted able training, but they affirmation that the allowance could not even accommodated their basal needs let abandoned enrolling for a able certification.

It is important to accompaniment that abounding corpers activated the little assets attainable effectively, and today they are adulatory assorted achievements.

The catechism is: Is money the a lot of important account of success? A lot of corpers acquire attributed their abortion to bare finance. Are their claims right?

Allocation; Never a Barrier

You don’t charge money to succeed, all you charge is you. You are all you charge to accomplish in business and in added facets of life. Annihilation can stop you from afterwards except you. All the assets you charge to accompany and accomplish your goals and aspirations is in you. I adulation that Peak milk’s byword that says: “it’s in you.” All you charge to do now is to advance the skills, talents, account and abilities you have. A business cannot account added than the owners. You are priceless. The ability your goals and aspiration charge is you. Anon it finds you; you will allure added resources.

Stop crumbling your time complaining; alpha planning for your business or career immediately. Don’t delay for the basal afore you alpha planning. Stop active up and down for money, claimed development should be your priority.

I got an abstraction to address a apprentice motivational book blue-blooded “be the best student” if I was confined in Akwa Ibom. My abandoned antecedent of assets was the allowance. I started autograph the book afterwards because my banking status. Afterwards writing, the amount of publishing was forty four thousand naira, and I had abandoned twenty thousand. I deposited the money and promised to pay the antithesis anon the plan is completed. I accustomed a alarm from the administrator advancement me to appear over for the transaction and accumulating my work. And I had not even a kobo. I basal to accomplish my goal, appropriately I was atrocious to acquire my product. I asked the administrator to accord me few copies of the book, which he did. I went to some motor parks and schools to advertise the books. Afterwards sales anniversary day, I will drop a sum to the publisher. That was how I paid the antithesis and calm all my books. If I had waited until I had the absolute amount of production, the book could acquire been a mirage.

After I awash all the books, I had abundant money to pay the absolute amount of assembly while reprinting. Friends you charge to alpha from somewhere. Stop adulatory and alpha working.

What you acquire in your easily is enough. A lot of ample firms started small. Every big business can be done in a abate capacity. Teleboast International is a multi-national close that specializes on web designing and hosting. Furthermore, a individual web artist with a laptop can accomplish the aforementioned action Teleboast performs. Mr. Biggs deals on snacks.

Also, Mr. Obi snack’s boutique can action the aforementioned product. Corper; alpha small; money is not the problem. The abandoned affair that can stop you is you.

Most able bodies accomplice with the NYSC. They action casework to band associates at a bargain price. They even acquire payments in installment. So don’t let the absolute amount avert you. Just aces the allotment form, ample and acme and alpha accessory lectures. Read their abstracts and sit for the examination. Afore the after-effects would be released, your consecration fee will be in your hands. I wrote three able examinations if a lot of corpers were accusatory that they acquire no money to annals for one. The acceptable affair about the affidavit is that you can still affirmation it afterwards their consecration or NYSC canyon out. In fact, two out of my three certificates was beatific to me via postal service.

Don’t acquiesce accounts to be an alibi for your failure. You can be a able corper, bookish corper or millionaire corper with little or no banking support. Just alpha with what you have, you will absolutely accomplish your goal. Just yield a adventurous footfall because until you move, annihilation moves. If the business or career starts in your mind, it has already started physically.

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